Movember Sports

Its Movember and time to think about us men folk for a change.

The Movember Foundation,, focuses on four main areas.

  • Prostate cancer.
  • Testicular cancer.
  • Poor mental health.
  • Physical inactivity.

The area that particularly interests us at Bridgeham is physical inactivity and the Movember Foundation’s challenge is MOVE ( This is a challenge to move everyday for the 30 days of November, plus raise sponsorship. Movember uses a good tag line which clearly explains the importance of moving and the detrimental effects that sitting can have on our health, ‘Sitting is the new smoking’.

The message is to MOVE as much as possible whether its involvement in a specific sport or everyday activities. Over the next thirty days we will provide suggestions.

Pilates 1:1                                                            Martial arts

Pilates Group Class                                          Dance – classes, ballroom, ceroc etc.

Reformer                                                            Gardening

Home Pilates exercises                                 Cycling – Road, MTB, family/leisure

Swimming                                                           Rugby

Hockey                                                                 Fitness Classes

PT                                                                           Climbing – indoor, outdoor

Pole Fitness                                                        Gym – toning, CVS, flexibility, muscle building

TRX                                                                        Table tennis

Tennis                                                                   Running

Park Run                                                              Track Running

Football                                                                Walking Football

Netball                                                                 Badminton

Dog walking                                                        Walking

Hiking                                                                    Hill Climbing

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