May 2017 Newsletter

Massage Offer

Don’t miss out on our massage offer of 60 minutes for the price of 30 minutes.
The offer is only running until the end of May!
So don’t ignore those aches and pains and feel better sooner.
(We’re sure your bank balance and your back will appreciate it!)Book now  on 01293 542245 alternatively you can book online, in clinic or on the app!

Know Your Neighbour

Bridgeham recently attended a Manor Royal Business event called Know Your Neighbour.
We would like to say a big thank you for awarding us with the best stand prize!
Also a thank you to all those who were there taking an interest in Bridgeham and we hope to see you soon in the clinic!
Don’t forget all employees within the Manor Royal business district are entitled to 10% off at Bridgeham!
Just bring your workplace ID to your appointment to receive your discount.

New Website!

We are very excited to say we have now launched our new Bridgeham website!
We have all the information you need about our services on there as well as online booking features for appointments and a new Pilates enrolment option.You will also find all of our new Pilates machine and mat schedules on the website along with the appropriate fees.If you haven’t already had a look please do and give us your feedback!

Grand Opening

We are counting down the days now to the official grand opening of Bridgeham by the Mayor of Crawley. We look forward to seeing you all there for a drink and some nibbles. If you haven’t done so already, please let us know if you will be attending as soon as possible.As there are likely to be a large number of people attending the opening we respectfully ask if you are driving to please consider parking in the retail car parks and walking down to Bridgeham.

Testimonial Winner!

Thank you for all those who completed testimonials and reviews about Bridgeham and the team this month.
We are pleased to announce that this month’s testimonial winner is Miss O, who has won a free Functional Movement Screen.Here is that lovely testimonial that won you your treatment voucher:

“Bridgeham are beyond fantastic! They have such extensive knowledge and work together to help everyone achieve their dream. Whether this is getting rid of pain or becoming an international athlete, they are suited for everyone. They even helped me cut 11 seconds off my 800m by teaching me how to breathe!!!!”

Please remember that if you haven’t won this month your testimonial will be rolled over into next months draw. If you haven’t completed a testimonial or reviewed us yet then get writing to give yourself a chance at winning the next free treatment voucher!  You can send your testimonial to us by email at, bring it in on your next visit, review us on Facebook or on Google (these can be done via our lovely new website too!).

Walk A Mile

It’s National Walking Month and the Bridgeham walk a mile has been a great success so far since launching in April. Thank you to all those who are already taking part, it is great to see so many out and about during the work day!
If you are interested in getting a bit of healthy exercise, or just fancy a change of scenery at lunchtime then please do join us on our walk a mile!
We walk a mile route every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday leaving from Bridgeham clinic at 12.30. You can give us a call or use our Bridgeham app to book yourself in, or just show up on the day, and remember it is completely FREE!

Please note that Walk a Mile will be cancelled on Wednesday 24th May for our Grand Opening.

Acupuncture at Bridgeham 

Did you know? …

In ancient China preventative health treatment was considered very important, so people paid their acupuncturist to keep them well and he received no money if they fell ill!

Acupuncture is a great natural way of helping to maintain good health and well-being and relieving the negative effects of stress in our busy lives.

Stress is how the brain and body respond to any demand put on them.  Everyone feels stressed from time to time, although people vary in how well they respond or recover.
Not all stress is bad either – it can motivate people to prepare or perform and may be a life-saver in a dangerous situation.

But long-term stress can harm your health and, over time it may contribute to more serious problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and anxiety.
Recognising the signs and taking some practical steps to manage stress can reduce, or prevent its effects.

Acupuncture can help by decreasing heart rate, lowering blood pressure, relaxing muscles and calming the emotions.

 Christine our new acupuncturist will be around Mondays, Fridays and the occasional Saturday for consultations.
Make an appointment and see how Acupuncture could help you!


It’s National Sandwich week!
And if you’re bored of your usual ham and cheese… you might want to spice up your lunchbox with these nutritious and delicious sandwich ideas.
  1. Grilled chicken, avocado, mixed greens and grated carrot multigrain wrap

Healthy, quick and simple providing the perfect balance of protein, fat and fibre to keep your energy levels high as well as satisfying your taste buds. Try adding shredded red cabbage for extra crunch.

  1. Greek Salad wholemeal pita pocket

Chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, grumbled feta and chickpeas mixed with a little olive oil provides a satisfying filling for your pita bread. Make extra filling for a healthy salad lunch the following day.

  1. Open faced chicken pesto on Rye.

Reduce your carbohydrates and have an open sandwich instead. Rye is a dense and nutritious option, just spread it with pesto and pile it high with grilled chicken, sundried tomatoes and rocket. Drizzle with a little olive oil.

Harry’s Story

Bridgeham has been helping Harry through a journey recovering from a severe illness in his childhood. He is now on a mission to do the Pillars to Plough charity walk on 28th May 2017 and needs help raising money. If you would like to sponsor Harry please have a look on our News and Tips page on our website for Harry’s full story and the link to his Just Giving page.

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