Bridgeham Newsletter March 2016

Welcome to Bridgeham’s Newsletter for March!

This edition’s highlights are below – click the links for more information:

  • Pilates Promotion with Shireen – £35 for a one hour 1:1 studio Pilates session
  • New Pilates Classes with Ade – Improvers on Monday at 7pm & Beginners on Thursday at 6,30pm. New term starting w/c 11th April
  • Ray’s Farewell – He says goodbye to Bridgeham – Kamilla now available on those sessions
  • Kids Pilates – Help your child to grow tall! New term starts Friday 15th April
  • Top Tips – posture, rowing and marathon training
  • Mayfare, Monday 2nd May – Meet the Bridgeham team and enter our Prize Draw!!
  • Coming soon!

Shireen Bailey
Pilates Instructor

Pilates Promotion
Shireen Bailey will be joining the Bridgeham team as a Pilates instructor in April. Shireen has been involved in fitness for most of her life, joining the local running club at the age of 12. She competed internationally for England and Great Britain in the Commonwealth Games,European championships and Olympic Games from 1981-1990.
Shireen qualified with the YMCA in fitness training after retiring from international competition. She then qualified in mat Pilates in 2003, and has added an equipment Pilates qualification to her repertoire. Shireen finds this to be the perfect combination to keep fit, healthy and happy!

Shireen is happy to be joining the Bridgeham team, working on Tuesdays from 2pm- 6pm and 10am-5pm on Wednesdays.
As a special introduction to Shireen we are offering a promotional discount price of £35 for an hour session in April! Call the clinic now to book your appointment and ensure you don’t miss out on this exclusive offer!

Welcome Ade
We are delighted to have Ade Garau teaching our Beginner’s Pilates class on a Thursday at 6.30pm and an Improver’s class on a Monday at 7.00pm. If you would like to join Ade in one of these classes please contact the clinic for further details and to request an enrolment form.

Ray’s Farewell
We are very sad to say farewell to one of our osteopaths, Ray who has been a part of the Bridgeham team for almost 3 years. Ray wrote a lovely piece on his time at Bridgeham which can be seen in full on our website, but here are just a few of his words:
“Trevor and Jo have always gone above and beyond with the care provided to their patients and this is felt with the sense of family values that, as a team member, I felt whenever I came to work.”
“I have honestly enjoyed my time here at Bridgeham”.
Ray will be very missed by the rest of the team and by his patients! We wish him the best of luck in the future.
One of our other osteopaths, Kamilla Westbrook, was fortunate enough to work alongside Ray before he left. Kamilla has extended her hours at Bridgeham to incorporate Ray’s Monday morning hours.

Kids Pilates
The Bridgeham Children’s Pilates class is for children aged between 8 and 13 years, when young people are at the peak of neurological development. “Learning effective and functional movement during these years of neurological development can foster an improvement in “perception” of physical abilities” (Marcus 2003).

The Kid’s Pilates class is on a Friday from 5.15pm until 6.00pm and is held at the Bewbush Barn Church. Please contact the clinic for further details or to request an enrolment form.

Tips on Posture
How do you sit when watching your favourite movie/TV programme?
If you notice you are sitting with your legs twisted up to one side use the adverts as a mind jogger to swap sides or to reset into a more ideal sitting alignment.
How do you walk up stairs?
Try keeping upright whilst walking up the stairs or when going up hill. This will avoid straining your knees and will also tone your buttocks!!!
Did you know we can choose to breathe consciously too!
Breathe in happy, loving, calm and peaceful oxygen through the nose!! (kids like to choose which colour this is!)
Breathe out stressed, angry, anxious and nervous carbon dioxide through the mouth (feel your body release tension and maybe choose a colour for this too!)
Breathing can bring us to a mindful and present place within our self which can be a really positive starting place to deal with the challenges life brings us.

Marathon Training
Would you benefit from a post training or a pre-race massage? Are you experiencing discomfort or need some advice on running exercises and technique?
From a clinical perspective if you are preparing for a marathon it’s in the final few weeks that the niggles and twinges can start accumulating as the distance of the long training run at the weekend increases. Can you distinguish between normal symptoms for your training schedule, such as muscle aching and fatigue, or when it might be something more.
At Bridgeham we have the experience of helping runners of all abilities to keep running and hopefully prevent injuries stopping them from reaching their goals.
Steve, one of our Sports Massage Therapists and a personal trainer and Shireen, our very own former professional runner and now a Pilates instructor, can design a programme to help you achieve your running goals. Call the clinic now to find out what treatment approach would suit you best.

Rowing Tips
Do you sit on your back or your bum when rowing or canoeing?
A common postural mistake with some rowers is that they tend to let the spine slump back and end up sitting with more load on their back which can lead to lower back pain issues and even sciatica type symptoms. It is important to keep the core strong and maintain good lower back posture during rowing to prevent this from happening and ensure that you are sitting on your bottom to prevent over loading your back.
Another issue that commonly presents with rowers is an increased muscular strength- especially in the upper body and leg regions but a lack of true core strength. As mentioned previously your core is vital in keeping your back stable and preventing injury and so shouldn’t be forgotten about!

The Mayfayre comes to Ifield on the 2nd of May this year. Bridgeham will of course be supporting this wonderful community event. We will have a stall located at the end of the lane. Our Bridgeham team members will be there to answer any questions or queries you may have about the clinic or your own pain!
This year we are offering 10% discount for any treatment booked on the day! So make sure you come and see us and get yourself booked in with one of our practitioners there and then!
If you are an existing patient at Bridgeham you will probably already know that we have a monthly prize draw with a £50 voucher for the winner. All you need to do to enter is write us a testimonial about your treatment, or about one of our practitioners. We will be doing a special draw at the Mayfayre, so get your testimonials in before then, or drop them off at the fayre.

Coming soon!
The Bridgeham Support Pillow

Designed by our very own Trevor Strutt with his patients comfort in mind, the support pillow will soon be available to purchase from the clinic!

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