Acupuncture, Crawley at Bridgeham, Crawley.

Acupuncture – Does it hurt? Your questions answered

Acupuncture Does it hurt? What is it? How can it help?  These are a few of the questions we’re often asked in our Crawley clinic. So, we’ve asked our lovely acupuncturist, Christine to answer your questions. After all, she’s the expert! Q: Why do people have acupuncture? A: Acupuncture is wonderful for many issues but […]

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Osteoporosis, Osteopathy and You

Osteopaths, specialised to spot osteoporosis! Osteoporosis is a common condition where bones lose their strength, becoming more likely to break following minor bumps or fall. Bone strength is determined by its density; this is how closely knit the bone tissue is. If there is loss of density (more space between the bone tissue) the bone becomes […]

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Pilates for Riders Workshop

Bridgeham is offering a Pilates workshop specifically designed for horse riders. We aim to target improving general riding posture, help you with finding your sit bones, set up, how to balance any asymmetry and how to truly connect with the core and your horse! The workshop will be held at Bridgeham Clinic, led by our […]

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Harry’s Story

Harry’s Journey with Bridgeham My name is Harry and I wasn’t well for a while because I had Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. I had it the first time and had 6 months treatment and it had gone. It ended up coming back for a second time but it was a very different to the first time. […]

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Pilates class

World Pilates Day

It is World Pilates Day on the 6th May and we are celebrating all that Pilates can do for you and your body! Pilates was developed in the early 20th century by German-born Joseph Pilates whose father was a prize-winning gymnast and mother a naturopath. During the latter part of the War, Joseph served as an orderly […]

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