Anyone for Tennis???

With Queens and Wimbledon around the corner, and the first rays of sunshine starting to come through, many of you may be thinking of taking to the courts. The Bridgeham team is here to help you improve your serves and volleys and keep you injury free!

With an increase in activity on the courts, so comes the potential risk for all the aches, pains and niggles that can commonly accompany the added time spent honing your tennis skills. Injuries such as tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), shoulder impingement (subacromial impingement), low back pain and jumpers knee (patella tendinopathy), are but a few of the potential ailments that could get in the way of your ‘ace’ serve.

Along with the obvious strength and fitness required to play tennis, it’s also the way you are executing your tennis stroke that can make all the difference.

As an example, many people who do not play tennis regularly may not have enough mobility in their shoulders to be able to be able to perform an effective overhead shot or serve.

Often it is a lack of mobility in the shoulder that can put you at risk of a shoulder injury, or even another part of the body as you compensate to make the shot.

Of course it’s not just about mobility, coordination, control and timing is also important.  Spending more time practising can help, it could also lead to injury if your movement is not at its best.

Your ability to transfer force through your lower body when you spring up and land is vital.  If the forces are not transferred correctly through the body they can focus into the knees and ankles.  This misdirection of forces can lead to common injuries such as achillies tendinopathy or patella tendinopathy. Sound familiar?

At Bridgeham, we can undertake a Functional Movement Screening which assesses how you move and where you may be prone to injury. Once identified, we can work with you at our studio or group Pilates classes, to develop your core strength and increase stability, to better prepare your body for your summer of tennis, improve your game and reduce your chances of getting injured along the way. Should you injure yourself, our osteopaths and massage therapists can of course help you to get back on court.

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