Sports Massage

A sports massage can be a fairly firm massage, not intended to cause any pain.

It increases blood supply to the muscles and promotes drainage from the muscles.

It can be stimulating to enhance performance before an event and drain lactic acid after an event.

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Massage at Bridgeham Clinic, Crawley
Massage at Bridgeham Clinic, Crawley

Therapeutic Relaxation Massage

We care about you and how you care about yourself.

Why not allow your body the space, the time and the touch?

Feel your muscles transform from cold stone concrete to vital healthy tissue.

Relax. Let go. Let yourself be. It's your time.

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Massage is:

  • A great non-invasive method of reducing muscular tension.
  • A good way to assist the body to relax and be prepared for other osteopathic treatments that may be more difficult to perform if soft tissue structures are tight.
  • Assists in the drainage of excess fluid around joints that may have been damaged increasing the joints pain free range of movement, thus encouraging better articulation of the joint.
  • A way of reducing stress levels for some! According to The Franklin Institute on the human brain and stress, “Massage releases endorphins that calm the peripheral nervous system.”
  • Beneficial after an event like a marathon or after hard training whether for fun or if it is your chosen professional sports career.
  • A great way to reduce discomfort and speed up the recovery process. Massage speeds up recovery of soft tissues as it increases the blood flow, dropping off more oxygen and nutrients to an area that may specifically require assistance with the removal of waste products and lactic acid.
  • A great way to say thank you to your ‘self’, to your body for all the work it does to continually carry and move you from A to B! Massage is so good for the soul!


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Testimonials for Massage

Rebecca (38) – 2017

I came to Bridgeham as I had some health & wellbeing cover through work which included massage and various treatments. All has been great! I had a consultation, osteopathic review and a relaxing body massage. Due to having recently had breast cancer and having lymph nodes removed through operation, this was very helpful with regards to lymphatic drainage and I was reassured throughout. All practitioners listened and all treatments have been beneficial. Thank you.