Hip Pain

Hip pain

The hip is often vulnerable to injury due to it being the main weight bearing joint of the lower extremity. There are several reasons why hip pain may occur including sports injuries, wear and tear/arthritis, capsule tears and poor movement patterns leading to over-use.

The most common symptom of true hip joint pain is discomfort or pinching pain deep in the groin. Pain experienced on the outer part of the hip is often due to a pelvic or lower back issue. Depending on the issue you may experience other symptoms such as difficulty weight bearing and pain on walking, grinding or clicking within the joint and surrounding muscular tightness.


How Bridgeham can help?

At Bridgeham we have experience in dealing with various causes of hip pain. We advise that you come and see one of our osteopaths for an initial appointment to have a clinical assessment and diagnosis made. Once a diagnosis has been made the osteopath would provide appropriate treatment depending on the condition.

The osteopath may choose to refer you onto another therapist such as a massage therapist for a more muscular related issue or to our Pilates team should the pain be movement related.

Our Pilates team are also highly experienced in dealing with pre-operative and post-operative hip rehabilitation.