Our Garuda machines! - we've named them Samson and Delilah!

With its large split platform, chair attachment, increased range of movement within the framework and adjustability of the pulleys, ropes, stability sling, bars and straps, it takes exercise, body conditioning and rehabilitation to another level.

The Garuda Apparatus

Book your 1:1 session with Jo, Aleisha or Steve to start to become familiar with the Garuda machine moves before joining a circuit class.
Oh there is so much fun to be had exploring this machine! Come and try out a 1:1 session on the Garuda and feel the difference!

Testimonials for Machine studio

Mrs S

Feel the support of the wider carriage, hear the sound of the glide, get in touch with the straps and how they can challenge your rotation, your core strength and your flexibility. Enjoy the extra space you will find in your body for your waist and the length of legs and expanse of breath. It's delicious! I highly recommend you come and experience it...there's nothing quite like it!