Functional Movement Screening

Jo Strutt
Clinic Director
Pilates & Garuda Instructor

Steve Young
Massage Therapist, PT & Garuda Instructor

It checks your fundamental movement habits via a series of 7 movement screening tests. Tests look at flexibility, strength, range, how your body respond s to pushing and pulling and rotating and twisting.

You can score between 0 – 3 per test.
The maximum total score is 21.

Score a total of 14 or below and this indicates you are at risk of injury. Uneven scores on right and left mean we will address your asymmetries first before focusing on improving mobility and stability.If you have pain in any of the tests our experienced team of osteopaths will review your alignment and structure, along with checking through clinical assessments.

This screening helps us to identify vulnerable areas in your movement patterns that may cause injury in your everyday life.

If you have ever asked “Why does my back keep going out?” or if you suffer from recurrent injuries that are not quite “fixed” then this proven screening process is a great place to start to help you find out why by identifying different risk indicators.

As Gray Cook, Founder of Functional Movement Systems says, “First move well, and then move often”. Gray Cook, FMS Founder. “We need a
movement system to help us gauge movement quality before movement quantity”.

If vulnerable areas are identified Bridgeham can prescribe you with a set of corrective exercises that will begin your journey to moving well and moving often. Then you can repeat your desired action in a healthy way!

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