Foot Pain

Foot pain

Made up of 26 bones and 33 joints, the foot and ankle is the strongest complex structure in the body. It has to cope with multi directional high impact stresses and strains whilst we are upright and mobile.

Common sites of pain ae under the heel of the foot (first step=worst step type picture) as in policeman’s heel (plantar fasciitis), in between the toes (Morton’s neuroma), under the toes (dropped metatarsals), misdirected toes (hallux valgus/hammer toe). Other causes of foot pain can be from corns, callouses and cracked heels.


How Bridgeham can help?

An osteopath will take care of you with a thorough clinical examination of the bones and joints of the foot. Relating the biomechanics of the foot to the leg tracking and the posture will help to determine the root cause of the foot pain. Passive adjustments can be made to relieve painful joints, soft tissue techniques and ultrasound might be used in cases of localised inflammation like plantar fasciitis. The osteopath may also use dry needling techniques or suggest some acupuncture to help with foot pain. Our qualified foot health practitioner may also assess your feet and help with a variety of conditions including a diabetic foot health check. Feet are often forgotten about and jammed into footwear all day. It is only when they become symptomatic that we tend to look down and wonder what happened! Our foot health practitioner is experienced in many aspect of foot care from trimming hard, overgrown toenails to removing corners and callouses and treating cracked heels.