A muscle cramp is an involuntary shortening or tightening of a muscle that comes on suddenly and can give intense muscle pain which can last for a few seconds to a few minutes. However, there can be lasting after effects like muscle aching or tenderness with more severe cramps.

Cramps most commonly occur in the legs either in the calf, hamstring or quadriceps muscles usually during or after a sporting activity. But they can occur anywhere in the body and sometimes for no apparent reason.

How Bridgeham can help?

If you feel you are suffering with cramp or the after effects of it, we would recommend that you come and see one of our massage therapists who will initially assess you and then provide a treatment plan. Treatment is likely to consist of various massage or soft tissue techniques to help release the shortened muscle and relieve pain. After the initial treatment the therapist may then suggest a series of stretches or movement exercises either to be done at home or with the guidance of an instructor in a Pilates group class setting. This is especially beneficial for those who feel as though they are having multiple or repetitive cramps as this can help to work out the cause and whether it is related to the movement pattern.

Cramp can also be a result of electrolyte imbalances with the muscles. If this is suspected, then a chat with our nutrition consultant may well be a simple solution. Should the cramp(s) be thought to be repeating due to an issue with your movement pattern we may then refer you onto our Pilates team to continue the movement sessions and improve this. Sometimes cramp can be from an irritated or even trapped nerve. In this case you may be referred to one of our osteopaths to address this.


Often, the true cause of cramps is still unknown. However with increased relaxation, tissue drainage and flexibilty from massage therapy and improved movement patterns from Pilates we would hope to reduce or get rid of cramping. We would usually expect a noticeable improvement in one or two sessions after your initial appointment.


I started coming to Bridgeham after suffering with cramps in my calf from running. After a few sessions with Steve I was back to my normal running routine with no pain! Thank you.

Mr G